Spain makes back-to-back finals, Hungary goes to Tokyo


34th European Water Polo Championships, Budapest (HUN) – Day 13

Spain and Hungary will stage a final showdown in Budapest after two
magnificent semi-finals, which offered nothing less than the very best of
water polo. Spain forced the Croats to play a chasing game and their rival
couldn’t remain calm till the end, thus the Spaniards can play for the gold
once more after Barcelona 2018 (just like their women’s team – and just like
a year ago at the World Championships both Spanish team made the finals).
Hungary joined them after a thrilling match in front of a sold-out crowd of
5,000 in the Duna Arena. Since Spain had already qualified for the Games
last year, Hungary also booked its place in Tokyo with this win over
Montenegro. It was a first-ever for them against the Montenegrins at the
Europeans after four straight losses since 2008.

Men’s semi-finals:

Spain v Croatia 9-8,

Montenegro v Hungary 8-10.

For places 5-8th:

Italy v Russia 14-12,

Serbia v Greece 12-9.

For places 9-10th:
Georgia v Germany 8-9.

For places 11-12th:
Turkey v Romania 3-20

Fixtures for Sunday
Final (19.00): Hungary v Spain. Bronze (17.30): Montenegro v Croatia. For
places 5-6th (16.00): Italy v Serbia. For places 7-8th (14.30): Russia v Greece