Introducing teams, men: France


Group D – France

  • France was one of the ruling nations in the early stages: they were Olympic champions in 1924 and clinched a silver at the European Championships in 1927. This was their last podium finish in the history of the sport. After placed 6th in three consecutive editions (1931, 1934, 1938), they appeared at the Europeans occasionally: were 6th in 1950, 8th in 1958, 13th in 1966, 11th in 1970. Played in Group B in the following editions, came 12th in 1989, 11th in 1991. In the next decades they could qualify only to the editions staged in Budapest (2001, 2014), then managed to book a spot for Belgrade 2016 where they finished 9th but dropped back to 12th two years ago (in fact, they won only a single game out of six, in the group, but that was enough to avoid playing in the lowest level).
  • At the Olympics, beside their 1924 gold, they had two bronzes from 1900 and 1928 and a 4th place from 1936. After the war they barely took part: after 1948 and 1960 they could return in 1988 and 1992 (finished 10th and 11th) and a bit surprisingly they could qualify for Rio where they finished 11th again.
  • At the Worlds they had three back-to-back appearances in 1982 (13th), 1986 (8th) and 1991 (12th) before making it again in 2017 when they finished 14th in Budapest. However, they were unable to qualify for Gwangju 2019.
  • France’s stats at the Europeans since 1927: 100 games, 29 wins, 10 draws, 61 losses – goals: 479-660. So the French are set to net their 500th goal in history in Budapest.