Introducing teams, men: Slovakia


Group A – Slovakia

  • Slovakia’s best result at the Europeans came in 2003 when they finished 7th. They were close to a miracle in 2001 but finally lost 8-7 to Yugoslavia in the quarter-finals and finished 8th. They also had an 8th place finish in 1997, otherwise they had to settle for lower ranks. Upon their debut in 1993 they were 10th, while their last four appearances produced weaker finishes – indeed a straight decline: 2006: 11th, 2008: 12th, 2016: 13 th , 2018: 14 th . Last time they could win only one game out of five.
  • They could qualify for the Olympics once, in 2000 when they finished bottom (12th). In fact, they suffered one of their worst defeats at majors in Sydney when Russia beat them 21-5 in the last round of the prelims.
  • In those years the Slovaks had three connecting World Championships appearances: came 10th in 1998, 11th in 2001 and 8th in 2003 – since then they were unable to make the cut.
  • Slovakia’s all-time results at the Europeans: 60 matches, 12 wins, 5 draws, 43 losses with a goal difference of 427-610.
  • The Slovaks enjoyed a fine qualification run, won all three matches, including a surprising 9-6 triumph over France and huge wins over Ukraine and Belarus.