Introducing teams, men: Romania

  • Romania entered the scene in 1962 and immediately joined the ‘higher circles’ by finishing 5th. Three straight 6th place finishes followed, then a bit of sinking started: they came 7th in 1977 and in 1981, then 8th in 1983, that time it meant relegation to Group B. They returned in 1987 (7th), then jumped to 5th in 1989, fell back to 8th in 1991. Two years later they earned their best ever result: by upsetting Croatia they reached the semis for the first time in 1993 and settled for the 4th place. They repeated this feat in 2006, that time they ousted Italy in the quarters. The other editions weren’t as successful: 11th in 1995, 9th in 1999, 11th in 2001, 10th in 2003, 9th in 2008, 7th in 2010, and 8th in 2012, 2014, 10th in 2016 and 11th in 2018. They missed the qualifications only once, in 1997.
  • Romania had some fine spells at the world stage as well though they are still waiting for their first medal: they were 4th at the 1976 Olympics and 5th in 1964. After failing in the qualifications on three consecutive occasions they finally managed to go through in 2012 and finished 10th in London but couldn’t make it to Rio in 2016.
  • At the World Champs they clinched the 5th place in 1975 and came 6th in 1978 and 2005. Their last appearance happened in Barcelona 2013 when they finished 13th – they missed the qualifications for the last three editions.
  • Romania’s totals: 162 matches, 52 wins, 17 draws and 93 losses. Their goal difference: 1327-1319.
  • Romania beat Malta and Portugal with ease in the qualifications.