Introducing teams, women: Serbia


Group A – Serbia

  • This is the fifth time the Serbian women play at the Europeans: they took part under the name of Yugoslavia in 1997, finishing 9th, then as Serbia they played on the hosts’ right in 2006 (8th) and 2016 (9th). In 2018 they managed to pass the qualifications and repeated their 9th place finish.
  • In the last two occasions the Serbs almost made the quarters but lost the crucial preliminary match to the Germans both times amidst sheer excitements: in Belgrade the Germans won 14-13, in Barcelona it was 9-8. For the 9th place the Serbs beat Portugal in 2016 and Israel in 2018 – the latter one was a bit strange match: it finished 4-4 in regular time and the shootout saw only three goals from 10 attempts, the Serbs won it 2-1.
  • Serbia is yet to qualify for any other big tournaments.
  • Serbia’s results so far in the history of the Europeans: 22 matches, 5 wins, 1 draw and 16 losses, goal difference: 105-220.
  • The qualification was an easy sailing for them last autumn, beat the Czechs 25-6 and 19-8.